back in the day i designed clothing.. yes it's true. i started off with hats~ 30s/40s inspired with allot of hand~made construction and detailing including antique feathers.
along with my business partner at the time~ MICHI~ we decided to create a women's clothing collection. the first was premiered in 1978. we used found vintage fabrics and created capri pants we called~ "bongo" pants, multi-colored striped tops~ called~ "shells,"  spandex & fringe tops and vinyl corsets & mini~skirts. 
we sold our 60s retro clothing up & down the shops on melrose~ (which was just taking off)~ shops like ~cowboys & poodles and just william~
later we sold to fiorucci , fred segal, and macys. it was exciting. 
we created collections from 1978 till 1982. later on i designed a menswear line for michele lamy, but that's another story.
people assumed i came up with the name, but it was actually my partner michi who thought it would be a cute pun on the 50s TV series~ i love lucy. we called our clothing line~ 

here is our first collection shot by my friend richard litt. the models are my very dear friend marisol, (who had this original print), and charley ~ this ran in the la weekly~ circa 1978,

this is a contact sheet of our 2nd season~ neo~ romantic collection~ 1979. 
modeled once again by marisol and photographed by richard litt.

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