LA fashion week didn't know what hit them last night with
 MARCO MARCO's SS-2015 fashion show.
the catwalk at the vibiana cathedral, downtown LA was beseeched by bitches!
 the girls ruled the runway, working the crowd into such a frenzy,
 i thought we would all dead drop.

i'm so happy for my neighbors marco marco & chris psaila.  i was like a proud parent..... 
maybe because  i was the oldest person there..... we all started our businesses around the same time on las palmas, (marco opened approx one year before antebellum). 
the most talented streets in hollywood are las palmas & cherokee aves. 

the crowd was a garden of dueling fashions and VIP's.  
while chatting in line, security wasn't  allowing the distinguished gentleman in front of me find his seat. "sorry said a staffer, the are only seating VIP's right now." 
"this is marco's father! you can't get any more VIP than that," i replied. 
they let him right in.
look for full fashion show video coming real soon by the dolls @ WORLD OF WONDER.

some photos courtesy~ world of wonder- hollywood

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