the opening reception for HAUNTED HOUSE was really scary!
where do i begin......   guest bartender DIZ MCNALLY can by early to decorate her spooky bar. it was all goblins and ghouls from then on. soon my door-witch ~ KATE MCCONN took her spot at the front door and then the music started. allot of eerie sounds by apex twins, helen morgan, throbbing gristle and matthew stone.

live performances by TREJOURE scared one orange county straggler to cower behind her date.
then when CINDY took the stage with her lookalike poppet it was all screams, mayhem and everyone bolted for the door. 
check out some pics... more to come.

if you were too afraid to attend opening nite, you still have a change to be chilled to the bone during the run of HAUNTED HOUSE @ ANTEBELLUM
gallery hours-
wednesday ~ 5pm till 7pm~ $5 cover
thursday thru saturday~ 1pm till 7pm
thru november 1st
more info~

photos courtesy natuta  bagrationi, boots bryant antebellum correspondents

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