JOAN RIVERS~ 1933~ 2014

Joan Rivers~ June 8, 1933 – September 4, 2014)  an American actress, comedian, writer, producer and television host, best known for her stand-up comedy for over 60 years.

on a personal note- i created a hat for joan rivers's comedy album ~ 
WHAT BECOMES A~ SEMI~ LEGEND MOST~ way back in 1983.
i met joan and her then husband edgar at the photographers studio on beverly blvd . upon viewing the hat i created, (fuchsia pink tulle with matching pink dove hovering on top)  she said to me, "take a look at the royal wedding portrait. nobody in this picture looks like an asshole." they decided to wear the hat backwards hiding the  fuchsia dove. as my business partner Michi pinned the hat on her head, joan placed her hands around Michi's waist, squeezed, and said, " you're so skinny...........bitch."
    joan river's hat designed by rick castro & michi- I LOVE RICKY~ circa 1983

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