to date~ the most special tea salon took place @ antebellum on 7/23/2014.
as the story goes....
rick castro and his dear friend & antebellum doorwoman~ kate mcconn planted a victory garden about one year ago. last september our pumpkin patch took hold and two beautiful great pumpkins began to grow. during june 2014 we harvested our great pumpkin. 
i brought our great pumpkin where i requested antebellum diva talea violet maven to bake something special with our squash. 
talea violet maven christened our great pumpkin~ TOODLES.
on july 22nd we prepared and baked our great pumpkin, creating many pumpkin treats!
this took use the entire day starting @ 1:30pm.
talea violet maven infused her wisdom and energy in every pumpkin dish.
splink raven & i eagerly assisted.


now on this special day~ july 23rd~ 2014 we celebrated our accomplishment.

tea guests~
michael henderson
talea violet maven
christopher lissner
jeff neff
windon newton
kate mcconn
splink raven

once the witch tea bell was rung...
i decided to serve~
black first flush tea from the charleston tea plantation~ the only tea plantation in america.

accompanied by~
spicy pumpkin soup with coconut milk
pumpkin bread topped with roasted pecans
roasted pumpkin seeds
roasted pumpkin skins
vegan pumpkin pie
pumpkin cobbler
all pumpkin goodies were created by talea violet maven
as we entered happy hour~
splink brought out her signature 
rose' pink wine
i brought out  velvet devil merlot
which i served~ diane keaton style~ over a full glass of ice.
every tea guest was part of the salon for a reason. 
the great pumpkin tea salon was a beautiful ritual/ceremony/celebration.
at approx.. 8:20pm i rung the witch tea bell and the salon was complete.

kate mcconn & i are so proud of our victory garden accomplishment. we hope this is just  the beginning of our off~grid lifestyle. we thank everybody for the efforts in creating the great pumpkin tea salon featuring~ TOODLES.
all photos courtesy~ talea violet maven & michael henderson~ antebellum correspondents

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