for BLACK & WHITE PRIDE2014 antebellum gallery presents our newest artist~
MOUNTAIN BROADY~ all the way from  grand forks~ north dakota
mountain says~
"I am an independent artist, working hard to succeed in life. What you see is what you get…..
 which is a confident, intelligent, artistic male pursuing his passion."

This is mountain's first exhibition.
check out his artworks~

From the cloth figure to a heroic icon, the strength of empowerment lives and breathes within this unknown fictional world. Realistically, the profound expression of unity is alike illustrations of propaganda. Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. A misleading nature of a heroic figure performing godlike abilities in order to connect and inspire people to pursue greatness within their lives is revealed within the multiple illustrations, such as The Spectator, Star-Flare, or Dwarf-Star. As rhetorical it may seem this is possible. It is possible not by moving mountains, lifting cars, reflecting bullets, or defying death. It is possible by making a difference within the everyday life of a modern human being. The hero is a symbolic metaphor which symbolizes the potential of every man, woman, or child. The ability to hear a confession, lend a helping hand, love a stranger, or put one’s mortal life at risk for the lives of people. From the little deeds, to ultimate sacrifice through crisis, humanity expresses an undeniable bond for each other. A bond which inspires unity, love, equality and the pursuit of happiness revealed countless times.

From vegetation to the first multicellular organism, the theory of creationism is express through tree like figurative drawings. From the motherland, Africa, to the current habitats, where humanity inhabits, the common ancestor is an unmistakable fact of the history of mankind. Throughout the centuries of wars, interracial issues, discrimination, etc., the battles of lesser evil constantly occur within life. In spite of barbaric irrational behaviors committed by humans, the data which pumps through veins of every man, woman or child will never be erased. This data is DNA, Deoxyribonucleic acid. It is natural to hate any aspect of life which is poorly misunderstood; but thanks to science whatever was long forgotten is now found through many decades towards mankind’s enlightenment. To acknowledge all organic or inorganic elements may be linked, every effect follows a cause, the ideal of control is an impossible power to gain. However, to live is the journey. In spite of whatever destination may be.

 It is the journey that shapes, molds, bonds, creates an individual.

BLACK & WHITE PRIDE2014 opens ~ july 12th~ 7pm till 9pm
$5 cover
live performance by STEEV LEMERCIER 

live performance by~ TREJOURE


(on display for 4 weeks)
for more info~

The nuclear-man, Star-Flare, and many other black super~powered beings are created in a fictional world. This myth, fictional story is narrated within paintings and drawings. Paintings of me betrayed as superheroes. Although the black superhero has become more appreciated within the comic book universe, it still seems to be unequal. Unequal in power level, intellect and morality. Heroes of different ethnicity are revealed within the comic book universe as inferior.  I close the gap of power level, morality and intellect by creating a heavyweight superhero that possesses the ability to move worlds. In result, I tap into the issues my creations may address, such as the “N” word, empowerment, and creation of life.
Throughout America’s culture the letter~ N, among black America has been associated as the word; nigger, Negro, or nigga. As seen upon the breast of the black hero betraying as nuclear-man, (a villain of Superman) is the letter, N. Its association to the word "nigger" is impossible to ignore. A word which verbally diminishes the identity and image of the black male is address within this painting. Visually, it presents a black man yelling. Arms are widely extended as radiation burst like balls of heat from his hands. Behind the subject, the background is an explosion like a supernova. Although the letter is meant to degrade the subject within the painting, the letter "N" is betrayed as a devise which is positive. It is a devise that serves no purpose to diminish the black character, but heightens the mythological being to a Godly status. Like a shield which is worn proudly it is worn by the subject not to express inferiority, but supremacy beyond the issues it may hold.

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