On 12 September 1996, obsessed fan Ricardo López mailed an acid-spraying letter bomb to Björk's London home and then killed himself, but the package was intercepted by the Metropolitan Police Service. 
 López filmed himself in the process of making the acid bomb which was intended to kill her. The nearly 18 hours of videotape described López's obsession with Björk, the construction of the device, his thoughts on love and other subjects, including racial remarks against Björk's then-boyfriend Goldie. 

The video footage continues after his mailing the bomb to Björk's London home and ends dramatically as López shaves his head, applies face paint and commits suicide by shooting himself on camera.
Ricardo Lopez (January 14, 1975 -- September 12, 1996), also known as the Björk stalker, was an Uruguayan-born American pest control officer from Hollywood, Florida, who is known for his attempted assassination of the Icelandic musician Björk in 1996. Lopez recorded a video diary of himself talking about his plans over an eight month period, culminating in his videorecorded suicide. Lopez mailed a letter bomb, disguised as a book from a touring company and rigged with sulfuric acid, to Björk's residence in London. The bomb was intercepted by Scotland Yard before being able to harm anyone.

Danish filmmaker, Sami Saif, condensed Lopez's video diary into a 70 minute documentary, entitled The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez, released in 2000.

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