There are some things such as I like to call them - an instant click. In other words, a friendship that starts with a hello, and ends up lasting a lifetime. The great Manny Aguirre of Musso & Frank Grill (Hollywood Boulevard, where my grandmother had their inimitable flannel cakes on opening day, 1919), was such “click”. Manny, master martini craftsman to the stars (James Dean and Paul Newman to name two) has recently retired from his place of honor behind Musso’s bar. But his legend and his warmth will never die. I’m proud to call him a dear friend, and my wishes to his continued happiness and success to him and his wife, Cruz, are founded on a genuine love and respect. We’ll miss you and your post, kind sir. But adventures and dreams of France await. Let’s meet at the Ritz. And you can reconstruct the world’s best martini.

repost courtesy~ christopher lissner~ antebellum artists & los angeles correspondent

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