antebellum's CORSET TEA SALON was a cinch!
the corset enthusiast crowd came out to sip tea and honor the art of corsetry.
corsetiere to the stars~ SIMONE C. WILLIAMS gave an informal lecture about the history of corseting with some visual aids, her collection of books on the subject including~
 FASHION & FETISHISM by david kunzle.

i gave a little lecture about the creation of joel~peter witkin's~ WOMAN ONCE A BIRD~ that i styled way back in 1993.

our tea guests included~
simone c. williams
violet maven talea
mistress alicia  de soto
mistress ivonna & her boy from munich
ricardo carraza helped me serve tea and boil water with a sturdy hand & limp wrist.

i served my charming tea guests~
gentlemen's black tea, (a mix of ceylon & assam black teas) hand~blended with dried orange zest from my victory garden.

a selection of cheese, spinach or potato boregs
nutella turnovers
apple turnovers
medjool dates
candied ginger
black & white chocolate
fresh apricot halves drizzled with cognac
fresh strawberries
fresh blackberries
fresh mint & orange garnish

simone c. william made from scratch~ cheesecake cupcakes topped with strawberry jam!

violet maven brought~ coconut macarons, raw cashews
splink brought~ bbq potato chips, rose wine

during our sips of tea and jovial banter, simone c. williams did a corset fitting demo with ricardo carranza as model.

violet maven talea thrilled us with a beautiful rendition of~ "quando m' en vo~lento."all~the~while being corseted by simone c. williams!

CINDY was tardy as usual, ("i had to work"~ was her silly excuse) but made up for it with her sweetly amateurish version of~ "true colors." 

our boisterous tea gang then broke into a salty rendition of ~ "just a spoon full of sugar."
i then rang the witch tea bell and the  corset tea salon was declared over.

photos courtesy~ ricardo carranza & simone c. williams~ antebellum correspondents

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