over 50 years in the same location, one of the institutions of hollywood is shutting their doors~
i'm sad to report dear readers that WORLD BOOK & NEWSSTAND on cahuega & hollywood blvds will have their last day of operations~ today~ may 25th~ 2014.
i went to visit my longtime doll of a friend DIZ MCNALLY who has worked there for 9 years.

diz is a hollywood institution in her own right... she has been part of the hollywood scene for as long as i can remember, (think angelyne with talent). my neighbor-  the las palmas newsstand shut their doors last year, (in operation since 1924!) now with cahuenga newsstand gone that is it. truly an end of an era.. nobody reads anymore.. sad but true.. another one bites the dust.. a tragic victim of the modern banal times we live in.


  1. This is my newsstand. Diz was my news vendor for years. Saturday mornings I would throw on some sweats, grab coffee, and get a couple of newspapers and magazines. All within walking distance of my apartment there in Hollywood.
    Sometimes, if I woke up late, I would also swing into Popeyes fried chicken (right underneath the circular portion of the building in the picture). I am sad that this newsstand is closing, and I hope that something just as quirky and cool and fun is able to take its place and build its own history.

  2. Spent many an hour and many a dollar going thru those racks. Good memories on a sad occasion.