NARDWUAR: THE HUMAN SERVIETTE  is the best music interviewer in the world... my opinion.
 why he doesn't have his own late night show on a major network shows the lack of awareness from the entertainment industry as to who really is a talented gem.
check out nardwuar's many infamous interviews throughout the years.

some people like PHARRELL WILLIAMS, QUESTLOVE and DRAKE were so taken with their interviews they became instant fans. (FYI~ I- RICK CASTRO, was the costumer for the mel brooks~ "hitler rap" referenced in the questlove interview)


some interviewees had the nerve to dis him and be downright disrespectfully cruel to him like SONIC YOUTH and BLUR.

others like lydia lunch & exene don't get him whatsoever and come off as pretentious fools...

henry rollins didn't get him the first time around, but gave him props & respect 12 years later.

rare interview with TOMMY CHONG where is talks about james brown's bisexuality.
according to tommy chong~ the man with the cape was james brown's boyfriend.

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