we have this friend here in the black forest~ CRINBLANC, she likes to call herself, 
we've known her now for more than 1 1/2 yrs., she's great friend here in the woods.

crinblanc is witchy and  into black things...  she says, " black is such a funny colour!"

here are photoshoped collages of crinblanc's artworks from black forest, germany.

besides creating artworks, crinblanc also domesticates black crows from the local fields.  she feeds them fine french pastries.

crinblanc also runs a mercy farm for  three old horses, one is white.

sometimes crinblanc speaks to the ghost in her 600 year old house.
crinblanc lives with her greek slave Vasi, who is also her husband. 
they are married for 20 plus years.

 Vasi was abandoned by his parents when he was only three years old. they left him alone in the cemetery for three days. he was still alive. no foxes ate him. 

now Vasi is also an artist. he's into metal sculpture & jewelry.

... and they both like to party hard like we do!!!
they are our best friends here in the black forest.
repost courtesy~ nic kne black forest/antebellum correspondent

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