antebellum intern~ AURALYNN WHEN~ is touring japan at the moment.
she has been posting the most beautiful photos of her travels.
i thought i would share them with you~ my dear readers....

 Kameido Tenjin is celebrating the annual blooming of the wisteria that happens on the garden grounds. It occurs around this time. Festival goes until May 5th (Boys' Day)

- You can take a hike up 200m to see the best view of the Kyoto area. There is a snow monkey park at the top as an incentive. They are wild and are not in cages, yet some were very sweet and gentle. Others seemed manic and dangerous. 

- it's Kinkakuji, the Temple of the Gold Pavilion.
The same one that inspired Yukio Mishima.

- My arrangement today at Sogetsu. Book 3-(9): Contrasting colors in flowers.
This vase was very hard to work with because it is so heavy visually, and has different holes for different angles. I seem to have chosen the most complex side. I feel good about it now, though. — at Sogetsu Ikebana.  

all photos courtesy ~ auralynn when~  antebellum intern & highland park/antebellum correspondent 

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