ok~ i don't care much for disney, and i hate 3D, but i sure am glad i went to see
the last time i saw kraftwerk was way back in 79 at a small venue in hollywood.
i'm happy to report they are fresh as a daisy and have only improved with age.
i thought about smoking a joint prior to the show, (it felt like some kind of acting out/mid~life crisis.)
but opted to drink red wine instead. my long~time friend," penny" aka glen meadmore joined me for a drink, even though he doesn't drink. penny was green with envy he could not get a ticket. he opted to watch on monitor in the cafe @ 10:30pm.
the music was better than anything in this cultural wasteland called pop music, the 3D beautiful, and  acoustics @ disney hall are  pitch perfect. 
what a treat! i was so happy, as was the audience. it boggles my mind to think this music is 35~40 years old!
creator and the only original band member~Ralf Hütter was the last to give his robotic bows to an over~joyed crowd.  immediately after the show i walked the gardens of disney hall. i love the delft chard fountain. it was surprisingly empty and eerily quite. what a special night.
i love downtown LA, almost as much as i love 

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