SYMPATHY~ 1995~ 2014

i already had my black cat~ pyewackett since 1992. as he got a little older he was getting too feisty.. behaving aggressively and had a general bad disposition.  i decided he had too much yang energy and needed something soft and dainty to chill him out. i had this naive idea that a female white cat would do the trick.  the ying that we needed in our lives. 
i went to the highland -park animal shelter during the spring of 1995 and immediately spotted a thin- actually skinny white cat. i asked if i could hold her since i wanted to make sure she was docile. 
she allowed me to pick her up and was very pliable and receptive to me. she was the one.
i named my little white cat, (i was guessing she was about one year old) SYMPATHY~ based on a louise brooks silent film called- "beggars of life." the character of sympathy was a sweet girl who needed someone to help her, rescue her from melancholy and save her from the villain. 

eagerly i brought sympathy home in her cat kennel and couldn't wait to introduce her to pyewackett. 
i opened the box.... out popped sympathy... in  a daze she scanned the room.. when she spotted pyewackett she had the same reaction as the bride did to frankenstein. 
they never hit it off.. over the next 17 years the never got along, never bonded, never interacted. in fact PYEWACKETT & SYMPATHY  hated each other.  I would sometimes called them OJ & nicole. 

never~the~less we were a family and i loved them both.  after 21 1/2 years i lost pyewackett in 2012.
that in itself was devastating.....
 what saddens me most today~ 1/25/20014~  about about the loss of sympathy is that she always had the feeling of being abandoned. she never got over that feeling. i was never able to prove to her how much i loved her. 
she was needy... i was never enough to fill her void.

sympathy you are my destiny.. sympathy i love you too..

rick castro~ 10:57pm- january 25th~ 2014.

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