On Sunday evening, I went with my friend Rick Castro to a Christmas party at the El Segundo ~
Old Town Music Hall, a landmark silent movie theater with a huge, 1925-vintage, wind-powered pipe organ. The owner and proprietor, Bill Field, remembered everyone's name and had a humorous story with each introduction.   After Christmas music on the piano, they put the pipe organ through its paces. Wow! Talk about a "Wall of Sound"! What a fascinating instrument. 

Finally, a group of young guys who belong to a Scott Joplin-lovers piano group got up one by one and played piano, including an original Ragtime piece called "The Belle of Los Angeles."
 Rick said they were nerds who were into pianos instead of computers, (i also said it was their fetish~RC). They sure were into the music, and the result was a lot of fun!

repost courtesy~ kate mcconn~ inglewood/antebellum correspondent

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